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Thank you for taking interest in hand tied beaded row extensions!!
Please fill in all fields below so I can determine if you are a great fit for the best, most natural looking extension method in the world!!
 Filling out the application in full is necessary in order to book a consultation.

Thank you! I can't wait to meet you!!

What  to expect

Beaded row extension prices range from $600.00-1800.00. The range reflects differences in length, thickness and color needed to achieve desired look. If you are looking to add just a bit of fullness and you aren't dreaming of mermaid hair then you can expect to be on the lower end. The ultra full, long, dreamy Victoria's Secret hair is on the higher end. Either way, I will do what is necessary to customize the layout and color just for you! 

The final cost includes the non-refundable deposit that is due upon booking your beaded row appointment
. The amount is equal to the the cost of the hair needed for your appointment. Price varies and is dependent upon length, color and amount needed.

We will be together for 3-4 hours for the initial appointment. This is a good chunk of time, but I promise, it is worth every minute!!
Maintenance and re tightening every 6-8 weeks is required to properly care for the look and color. If you just need a root touch up in between adjustments, that is ok too. Together we will come up with a plan that works. 

Some clients will want to replace all of their hair every 5-7 months, others like the ala carte replacement of individual wefts at adjustment appointments ($65.00-80.00 per weft) when necessary.
An adjustment appointment cost will be $195.00 (one row)-295.00 (two rows). Additional color, cutting and conditioning will be charged separate.

You CAN wear a ponytail!!
You CAN go swimming!!
Curl, Blowdry, Flat Iron your hair...Just remember that proper care is necessary, I will give you directions and instructions...please follow them!

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